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Our Process

When you engage an A&J Wealth Management financial adviser to help with your financial decisions, the first thing we do is undertake a consultation. 

This 'getting to know you' phase is a four-stage process, the result of which is a personally tailored recommendation report and support in execution of your financial plan.

Once in place, we keep an eye on things for you, providing regular reviews and updates to ensure your plans stay on track.


1: Introducing yourself

Before we can undertake any kind of research to your behalf, we need to know more about you: your current financial situation, your dependents (if any), your aspirations and your goals.

For most clients, this involves sitting down somewhere comfortable and simply talking about what is important to you, what you want to achieve.


During that process, your financial adviser will take quite a lot of notes, all of which will then be taken away and used to help formulate your plan.


2: The research


Based on your responses to the various questions you answer and discussions you have, our researchers will then work with your adviser to build a personalised financial planning report.


That report will include:

  • An outline of your current situation

  • Consideration of your income, assets and liabilities

  • A risk profile, used to determine what assets would be suitable for investment

  • A summary of your financial aspirations and desires

  • Our detailed recommendation report – what we suggest you do now and details of the type of product that would be suitable

  • Our future considerations report – what we suggest you might like to think about later, as your financial position develops.


That report is then yours for reference and how you proceed with it is up to you. You will be under no obligation to carry out any of the recommendations – and even if you do, there is no obligation to use A&J Wealth Management.


3: Implementation


Should you decide you would like to implement some or all of the financial advice recommendations, A&J Wealth Management will facilitate the full details for you and organise the information you need to progress.

First we will issue details of the specific products we recommend to meet your needs. Details will be sent to you along with a summary of the reasons why and any application forms that require completion and/or signature.

On receipt of the required paperwork, we will then deal directly with the various providers to get your money invested and your products up and running as quickly as possible.


4: Ongoing monitoring and updates


The vast majority of our clients ask us to take on the monitoring of their investments for them. This means that the responsibility for reviewing fund managers, measuring performance and informing you when changes may be required is handled by A&J Wealth Management.

Our reviews involve regular updates on how your investments are performing, what gains and/or losses have been incurred on each chosen fund and updates on what is and has been affecting different market sectors. In the background, our Investment Committee keeps an eye on the wider investment community to see if there are any funds that ought to be included, switched - or removed - from your portfolio.

Regardless of your service plan, all A&J Wealth Management clients will be kept up to date with our regular newsletters and latest opinions can also be found on our finance newsfeed.


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