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why active management?

A&J’s investment team design risk-weighted model portfolios and bespoke individual portfolios, for which they meet regularly to appraise the composition.

We scrutinise market conditions to determine our favoured asset classes / sectors / themes and our various portfolios are weighted accordingly. 

Meticulous analysis is conducted to determine what we consider to be the ‘best of breed’ funds, focusing on volatility / performance / stock holdings / management structure / risk parameters and many other variables.


​Clients are invested based on their financial aspirations, attitude to risk, lifecycle and current asset allocation, which we determine in our initial and ongoing discussions.

Whether you are investing for the medium or long term, we can establish an investment strategy to reflect your attitude to risk and work to achieve your objectives with a focus on diversification and lower volatility.


These are some of the added benefits you may receive through our various service level options:


Quarterly or half-yearly reviews

All year round availability to a dedicated financial adviser


Fund recommendations and free switching


Market commentary


Ongoing technical support


Our Inside Track Newsletter subscription


Retirement income mapping


The ability to monitor performance online

Advice around utilising your tax allowances

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