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The diligent management of your Investment Portfolio is essential whether your objectives are to achieve long term capital growth or a regular income, irrespective of whether you wish to adopt a low, medium or high risk approach.

We are able to give advice on Stocks & Shares ISAs, Direct Investment Accounts and Offshore Bonds, as well as less accessible investments such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Business Property Relief. 

The majority of our clients will have a minimum portfolio of £100,000. 

Please enquire here to arrange a meeting with one of our investment specialists who will be able to discuss your requirements.








Below we have identified some widely used products with a brief summary of features. 



The ISA, Individual Savings Account, was first introduced back in 1999 and allows you to contribute up to £20,000 per year (tax year 2022/23) towards building your nest egg. 

For cash ISAs, interest on your savings is received free of tax. For investments in stocks and shares, there is no further tax to pay on dividends received, nor on any growth achieved within the account. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this tax free allowance and track to ensure it is not exceeded as part of our management service. Have a look at the ISA page within our knowledge centre for more information.

Direct Investment Accounts

Rather than having your money wrapped up within a pension or an ISA, you can invest your money directly into a portfolio of assets via an investment platform.

This means that the investment will be liable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). However, everyone has a CGT Allowance of £12,300 per annum (tax year 2022/23), so if you were to invest £150,000, you would need to achieve gains of over 7.8% to breach your CGT allowance in that year. 

Any income paid by the investments via dividends will also be taxable, but again, individuals currently benefit from a 0% Dividend Tax Rate up to £2,000 (tax year 2022/23). 

With careful management, investing in a direct investment account can enable you to optimise your tax position.

Offshore Investment Bonds

They are generally issued by subsidiaries of well-known UK life offices in countries such as Luxembourg, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. 


The country concerned imposes little or no tax on the income and gains of the underlying life fund, thus allowing what is often called a gross roll-up that is valuable, particularly to a higher rate taxpayer.


Investments within the bond can be switched without the requirement for any tax reporting and without rise to CGT.

To find out more about all of these products, please visit our knowledge centre.

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