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Investment Platforms & Custodians


Retail Platforms 


Investment platforms allow for a modern, efficient and consolidated approach to managing your pension and investment products. Our preferred platforms are all primarily based online with user-friendly client websites, excellent customer service and cost-effective provider charges. These platforms provide an easy way to monitor and manage various products, and their investments, under one umbrella for simple administration.


These platforms are targeted at our UK clients who would like to hold their investments within wrapped products such as a pension, bond or stocks & shares ISA which can offer hugely beneficial tax efficient environments. There are a variety of different products and investment options available that we can suggest depending on your requirements.


We appreciate it can be difficult to keep track of pensions and accounts that are accrued during a lifetime, so we partner with these platforms to help you keep your wealth organised and easily accessible. Within a review with our financial advisers, we will assess the potential benefits and disadvantages in transferring your individual products to a platform so you can decide what will work best for you moving forward.


At A&J, we are often able to negotiate discounted terms and restricted share classes for our clients so we can help reduce fees and add as much benefit as we possibly can. We review our recommended platforms on an annual basis to ensure we are always providing our clients with the best advice in their interests and recommending solutions that we trust will be advantageous to you.


Benefits of a platform include:

  • A single view of your portfolio value across different products

  • Access to consolidated, online valuations

  • A secure access point for adding, switching or withdrawing funds

  • A wide range of investment choices, covering all the main asset classes

  • Tax efficient product wrappers



Global Custodians


For our international, high net worth clients who would like to utilise the services of our experienced team of Investment Managers, we have partnered with an international bank who are able to hold a wide range of investment options through their custodian facilities.


This solution is for clients looking to hold direct investments, such as equities and funds, and create a portfolio tailored to their needs. In addition, as a bank our partner is able to offer further services including structured products, mortgages and Lombard lending.


At A&J we have reviewed the whole of market to select a preferred custodian that we believe will provide the best service for our client requirements and enable us to manage an investment account efficiently and effectively.


For more information on how our chosen partners can work together to improve your wealth management, please do get in touch.

Please make sure you’re aware of the risks involved with investing before taking financial advice; have a look at our important information found here.

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