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For many people, making appropriate provision for your family in the event of your early death or serious illness is an absolute priority. 


Should you require any assistance in identifying the right type of cover, or wish for us to source some quotes to see whether your existing cover is still competitive, please do get in touch. 








The aim of a life assurance policy is to pay out a lump sum benefit in the event of an individual’s death, or on the diagnosis of a critical illness, to a nominee or to their estate in order to protect a financial dependent's lifestyle or enhance an individual's financial well-being.

Products have been customised over the years to meet different financial objectives such as the repayment of a large liability such as a mortgage or a substantial inheritance bill.

With each type of policy you are able to select the level of cover, who the lives assured will be, how long it will run, as well as numerous other features.


More information on specific types of protection can be found in the relevant section of our knowledge centre.

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