Our DFM service is now live!

The A&J group has been successful in receiving Discretionary Fund Management permissions from our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are delighted to share this with you.

Our current management service provides you with a recommendation of possible investment changes and a requirement for you to accept the proposed changes either in writing or email format.

Our investment committee, which meets on a Monday morning, reviews the position of the current investment funds and makes suggestions/recommendations which are then communicated to yourself and, subject to your agreement, the authorisation letter is returned and the change is completed.

This has worked very well in the past however, as the group has grown this requires a significant amount of resources to successfully implement all of the changes and update the portfolios. In order to upgrade and improve our management service we have applied and successfully obtained discretionary fund management permission from the Financial Conduct Authority.

We therefore have the ability to offer the same investment management service that you enjoy and at the same cost but without the need for you to complete an authorisation letter. This will mean that changes can be completed very quickly and our decisions from the investment committee can be actioned automatically. This will enable us to be more agile in reacting to market movements with more control over the timing of the transactions.

With increased volatility in the markets, our view is that the discretionary service will enable us to offer a better and more efficient service in the management of your portfolio.

We have detailed some further information on our services here; helping you to compare the differences between the existing advisory service and our new DFM service, and which might be best management option for your investment portfolios.

If you are an existing client of A&J, we will be writing to you before the end of the year to discuss this service in more detail and whether it might be suitable for you.

If you can’t wait that long or are interested in hearing more about this service as a new customer, please get in touch with our independent financial advisers based in Berkshire.

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