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The A&J Investment Committee















Our investment committee undertakes significant research into the funds on offer from the various global fund management providers in order to establish a series of core portfolios, each with risk profiles suitable for the various different approaches of our clients. In that process, funds are assessed against a set of minimum criteria, based on performance, experience and asset exposure.

Range of portfolios


In total, we run and regularly monitor eight portfolios.


Which of these portfolios is recommended for a client is then based on the combination of their risk score - a secondary, quantitative overlay derived from a specific subset of answers within our questionnaire and an understanding of their time frames and objectives.


All funds included have to prove themselves worthy of inclusion. Each has therefore passed our minimum criteria and been through a formal assessment before we look to hold in-depth conversations with the fund managers concerned.

The result, we believe, is a robust set of portfolios and an ability to spot issues which may affect future potential. Not only does this cover trends in asset classes but also in the performance of funds which are currently recommended, or may be suitable for later inclusion in recommendations to our clients.

Any changes to portfolios that may result from this process are then communicated to clients as part of the terms of their servicing agreement – and appropriate recommendations to switch or sell are carried out by our team as soon as approval to do so has been received.

Investment Committee
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