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A&J Wealth Management Ltd was established in 1985. Over the subsequent 36 years, our wealth management firm has grown to 40 employees, over 1,400 clients and funds of circa £450 million. We are focused on helping you understand and plan for your future.


Whatever financial decisions you have to make, the first step towards making the right choice is to establish a clear understanding of your needs. Our goal at A&J is to support you in doing this and provide you with the relevant information to help you make an informed decision. We offer independent, unbiased investment, taxation and retirement advice.


People seek financial advice for many different reasons so it’s important that we understand exactly who you are and what you want to achieve. We consider a wide range of financial strategies, products and providers and we constantly review the market to ensure that the services we offer are appropriate for our clients.


We recommend specific investment strategies and products related to your situation, which are selected based on your personal circumstances, financial goals and objectives. We will consider a number of factors, including the type of services you require, the cost of investing, the level of risk you are prepared to accept in an investment product and whether you have a capacity for interim loss, depending on the time horizon. 


Financial Planning

Analyse your assets

Identify your goals

Design your financial future


We are specialists in managing onshore and offshore investments upwards from £100,000, and we can assist in any of the following areas:

Ongoing Pension Analysis

Experts in Pension Analysis

Whether you wish to consolidate old plans or experience ongoing management, A&J can help

Investment Portfolio Management

Active Model & Bespoke Portfolio Management

A&J's investment committee design portfolios to suit your attitude to risk

Importance of Diversification

The Importance of Diversification

Managing money requires strict investment discipline with delicate asset allocation

Money Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

Need to know about tax thresholds and allowances? Visit our Knowledge Centre


I have been associated with Gareth and A&J for over 16 years.

During that time the company have provided investment, pension and financial advice and taxation solutions in an efficient and cost effective manner.

In particular, the firm provides innovative solutions to the above and has recently recommended a very complex and certainly innovative proposition to the lifetime pension allowance.

The company is run in a professional and efficient manner, focusing on customer care and delivering solutions to meet current and long term financial goals.

 On deciding that the time had come to 'do something' about various pensions I had accumulated through various employments, I approached A&J after a personal introduction. They succeeded spectacularly well as far as I could judge and guided me through to full retirement and pension drawdown.

Gary has enhanced the personal service, adding in a personal touch with advice on the likes of bank accounts and general money saving measures.

Owain gave me excellent advice on the advantages and disadvantages on my transactions, and all proceeds completely stress free.

 There's nothing they could have done better, a totally professional service all delivered as expected.

I'd like to thank Owain for all his professional help, and patience in enabling me to make this transaction happen. There was an awful amount of information and realisation for me to digest, but everything that I needed to know and understand you delivered in a very professional and extremely efficient way. Extremely pleased with the service you delivered. I look forward to advice from you in the future.

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